It is no secret that children or more accurately, the youth are the future of any nation. For a nation to grow and continue on the right track, it needs youth that is dedicated and focused on dealing with day to day issues head-on. This youth is supposed to have a good upbringing and teachings that inspire leadership and responsibility. These vital skills cannot be taught when one is grown. As the saying goes, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, the same goes for grown-ups.

The youth have to go through a lot of vigorous activities that make them realise their potential and figure out their skills so that they can better apply them in the future. Something that one learns in their youth will stay with them and be part of them throughout their lives. It is for this reason that the Canada Service Corps was created. Through this program, Canada has safely secured its future and has become a pioneer in such an interesting initiative which will hopefully spread like wildfire to other countries soon.

What Is the Canada Service Corps?

This organisation has created an awareness that has spread countrywide. Their main aim is to promote a spirit of volunteering in the youth so that they grow up thinking about others and not just themselves. The youth who take part in this program are equipped with the necessary skills to make an impact in their community as well as the whole country.

Some people might ask, why join the Canada Service Corps? The simple answer is that it’s a quid pro quo system. It allows one to zone in on their abilities and sharpen them through continued help and guidance from other experienced volunteers and leaders. These skills one learns from volunteering here allow people to fit in better in society, know how to handle certain situations better and most importantly, it helps in securing that dream job. The other side of it is that it allows people to make a huge difference in someone’s life. Through the various opportunities available for volunteering the community and country can be made better one volunteer at a time.

What Do the Canada Service Corps Do?

This program is open for all young adults that want to make a difference and give back to their communities. What is great about this program is that it understands that people are different and hence have different interests and talents. Volunteers are allowed to choose from a wide range of activities that match their interests and skills. The areas they can choose from are the following, health and wellness, indigenous rights and cultures, building democracy, public safety as well as climate and environment.

These categories were carefully thought out because they are some of the major problem areas in most societies. Let’s take, for example, public safety, people who are underprivileged and who living in appalling conditions cannot do much to change their circumstances. Through volunteers from this program, their luck might change. Objects that are hazardous to the environment will be taken care of by the volunteers, and they can even raise awareness about some health issues as well as provide ways of lessening the problem. They might even start some campaigns that will cause the local municipality to address some of the problems.

As we all know, global warming is a problem that is affecting us all, rich and poor. It is therefore crucial that serious steps are taken so that we lessen the effects of global warming. This can be done by ensuring that waste and litter are disposed of properly. Processes that produce harmful gases are to be limited or improved so that they do not poison our skies. Volunteers, therefore, go into the communities and do clean-ups and promote awareness about global warming as well as the importance of having a clean and safe environment that we can be proud to pass on to the next generation.

If you are a young adult, do make sure you sign up for some of these exciting activities that benefit the community.