Canada is one of the most amazing places on the planet. This place has everything one can dream of, and that includes good scenery, good food, good cultures and most importantly people who have good hearts. One of the ways Canadians open up their big hearts is through community service. Helping out others or community service is ingrained in them so much so that it has become part of their culture. It is seen as good manners to do one’s little bit to make the community and the world a better place.

There are so many community service organizations that are available for people that come from all walks of life. These organizations deal with a wide range of issues and people who are interested in helping out certain types of people are welcome to choose the ones that suit them best. The following are some of the prominent community service organizations that volunteers can choose to be involved in.

Children Services

Children are a precious gift that has to be protected and nurtured because they are the future. There are so many issues affecting the world at the moment, and innocent children end up getting caught up in the mess. It is up to each and every one of us to make sure that all these obstacles that try and destroy their future are removed.

  • 360° kids

This organization is based in the York region and has been running for over 20 years. They focus on at-risk children and homeless children. Children at a very young age are easily corrupted, and this age is where their characters can be made or broken. It is, therefore, important to put a lot of effort to ensure that these kids do not end up doing drugs or entering into a life of crime. A little love, care, time and motivation will go a long way into making the children better people. 360 kids provide safe and secure accommodation for homeless and at-risk children for a whole night, day or even up to a year. This is good because it allows runaway children to have a safe place to sleep for a night then head back home after reconsidering their life choices. The one-year period is suitable for those who have nowhere to go because this period allows them to get their lives in order while receiving the necessary support they require.

While at the facilities, the children are taken care of by various loving and caring volunteers who teach them necessary life skills, help them to upgrade their education, and to be involved in various community activities as well as helping them with job searching (for those that are above 16). All these activities are very vital because they allow the children to get back on their feet and get the necessary skills that will allow them to fit into society.


People migrate all the time in search of greener pastures. Some do so for economic reasons, some in the hopes of living the life they see in the movies and for some its simply for survival. Some countries have constant civil wars that make it impossible for parents to raise their children or to even live a decent life themselves. Some countries across the globe accept refugees who really deserve a safe haven.

  • African Sudanese Association of Calgary (ASAC)

This organization is aimed at assisting refugees from Sudan to settle well in Alberta. Sudan has been at war with itself for a long time. The second Sudanese Civil war lasted for 22 years, and in this time a lot of homes were destroyed and many lives destroyed. This war led to the split and creation of a new nation, South Sudan. In 2016 The South Sudan civil war resulted in about 50 000 Sudanese being killed and resulted in over 2 million people fleeing the country and being forced to be refugees in other countries. The ASAC helps the Sudanese refugees with their citizenship classes, finding jobs and helping them to fit into Canadian society.