Animals have a very special place in a person’s heart. They may not be able to speak or to do half the things that humans do, but they have their own amazing way of expressing their feelings and making us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s take, for example, dogs, they are considered to be man’s best friend. This is because they do so much for people that we can never repay. Yes, we might offer them food and shelter, but what they carry in their hearts is far much greater than food and a bed.

Dogs always know what to do in order for us to smile. They do silly actions that touch our hearts and cause us to forget about all our problems. They also know when we are stressed and anxious about something. They cuddle up next to us and stare into our eyes as if to say that all will be well. It is for this reason that we as humans should give back, not just to dogs, but to all the animals that we can help out with.

In all areas, there are animal welfare centres that are involved in rehabilitating or simply feeding and taking care of animals. If you are a person who loves animals, be sure to visit one of them during your free time and volunteer. For those that are too busy but would love to help out in any way they can to ensure the great work is continued, another option would be to donate to the animal welfare. The welfare can range from money, food for the animals, materials to build more or better shelter or anything that might assist the center.

Animal Welfare in Canada

In Canada, just like in every other country, there are a lot of animals that need taking care of. Some animals that are taken in are strays that ran away from home and started staying on the street while others are abandoned by their owners because of lack of love for them or the cost involved in taking care of them. There are so many organisations in Canada that have dedicated a lot of time and resources to ensure animals are kept safe as follows:

  • Humane Society/ SPCA.

This great organisation is one of those organisations that put their money where their mouth is. They stand for the betterment of animals through their various programs. They are in charge of adoptions and as well as shelters. They adopt animals from people who are unable to take care of their pets due to relocating, costs associated with taking care of sick animals or even people who are no longer willing to take care of the animals.

They make sure that the animals are given all the medication needed as well as rehabilitation. They also reach out to the public and help find a new suitable home where the animals can receive all the love and support they deserve.

Humane Canada also takes part in disseminating information about animal welfare as well as the consequences of animal cruelty to local communities. This allows people to make informed decisions as well as to know the benefits of volunteering with animals.

  • Pounds

These pounds are usually run by municipalities. They also work in conjunction with the Humane Society to provide suitable shelter for the rescued animals. They also get assistance from individuals who are involved in the rehabilitation of animals in providing a temporary home. The pound takes in stray animals they find roaming around in the streets. They usually keep the animals for up to three days, and the owners have to contact them and collect the animals within that period. After three days, the animals are moved to a temporary home where volunteers will take care of them until someone adopts them.

From what was discussed above, it is evident that there are so many organisations that are doing their best to make sure animals have a better life. Volunteers are a crucial aspect of all of this, and without them, it will be very difficult to have such progress.